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What should my child expect when coming in to see the dentist?

Your child’s very first visit to the dentist should be a relaxing, exciting and stress-free experience. At Oaks Avenue Dental, it’s our passion to make it so.

Our dentists and all of our staff love working with kids, so we put a lot of work into making the experience comfortable and fun.

Our dentists, Ian and Josh, take the time to show your child around all the amazing equipment we use. One of the most popular gadgets we have is an intra-oral camera that we’ll let them play with. They can take photographs of the inside of their mouths! And take extreme close-ups of their gums! Most children love seeing the inside of their mouths and it really helps demystify the dental process.

Our whole practice is built on long-term relationships with families and our front line staff love chatting to kids and making them feel at ease.

Next, our dentists will ask you and your child a bit about their dental and oral history. This is really a chance for you to tell us everything about your child and any concerns you may have, and we’ll just listen. Our dentists have kids themselves, so they understand how to talk to our younger generation.

If your child is 4-6, we’ll probably just do an oral examination and a clean of their teeth. This is a great chance for the kids to get used to dental procedures. We’ll also check their brushing technique and give both you and your child some tips on oral health. We’ll explain why brushing and cleaning are important to keep out sugar germs and prevent cavities.

We have a large TV set above the dental chair, so your child can watch their favourite show or movie while we do the cleaning and examination.

Though we can do some more detailed treatment, like extracting an unhealthy baby tooth or filling a cavity, we refer more complex procedures to highly skilled and trusted paediatric specialists.

Your child will walk out of the clinic smiling with clean and sparkling teeth and feeling motivated to maintain good oral health.