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Root Canal Work

The team at Oaks Avenue Dental has had great success with root canal treatment for painful or infected tooth roots. Patients get to keep their tooth and no longer have to live with pain.

You generally only need root canal work when the pulp inside your tooth has become infected or really damaged. Root canal work replaces the pulp with a filling.

Despite its reputation, the process of root canal work isn’t any more painful than putting in a normal filling. Our dentists use modern local anaesthetic methods and the latest technologies to ensure the procedure is straightforward and pain free.

Of course, if your case is particularly complex, we’ll refer you to one of our network of excellent specialists to make sure you get the best possible outcome.

After root canal treatment, as long as you keep your teeth clean and practise good oral hygiene, the treated tooth should last as long as all your other teeth.

Client Testimonials


A very well run practice to attend where all staff are welcoming and take the time to listen to your needs. I am one of many family members who have been attending for decades.


Great dentist! Have been with Ian since childhood. Would recommend him to everybody. He’s friendly, understanding and always great with advice and knowledge.


Dr Kim continues to provide highly competent and professional manner with an excellent level of treatment.


Oaks Avenue Dental went out of their way to squeeze me in at the last minute. Friendly front desk staff and the dentists are great. I would definitely recommend this dental surgery to anyone.


Josh is friendly, explains everything, is happy to answer questions and is reasonably priced. He has helped me and my family with our complex dental needs for many years.


Dr Pelling and staff provide a warm friendly service, together with expert advice and thorough work. Very happy! Thank you!


Dr Josh is best dentist I’ve ever seen, friendly and professional.


Josh is a professional who always explains treatments perfectly & treats patient comfort in the highest regard. I would highly recommend Josh

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